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Below is a list of all the Mods, Maps & Skins we are using. Just so we know what we are running.


  • But it keeps changing


  • Jedi Outcast patch v1.04


  • Bespin Arena
  • Carbon Freeze
  • Episode 1
  • Ente Platforms
  • Genosis Factory
  • Jabba's Palace
  • Moria II
  • Sand Arena
  • Sky High
  • X-Tryout
  • XG Arena


  • Barbarian Diablo
  • Darth Maul
  • Darth Seth
  • Darth Wicked
  • Battle Droid PK
  • Dark Yoda
  • Ewok Skin Pack
  • Green Lathern
  • Invisable Man
  • Jango Fett
  • Knights of Light
  • Lord of the Rings PK
  • Lysander_v2
  • Padame
  • Sith Yoda
  • Wolfe


  • Jedi Mod 3
  • Blacklight
  • SaberHilt Pack
  • Weapons Glare

    If you add any let everyone else know so we all have the same ones.


    Here are some bind commands for Jedi. Just type in the console bind o sit, or whatever letter or number you wish to use.
  • sit -sits do again to stand up
  • stand -stands up from sit, typing /sit a second time will do the same thing
  • kiss -kisses another player if both of you have your sabers off
  • taunt -does the spinning saber taunt
  • draw -does a nifty saber drawing move
  • nod -nods your ehad
  • shake -shakes your head
  • super -strike a superman pose
  • thumbsdown -looks like your giving something a thumbs down
  • beg -looks like you're on your knees begging
  • dance1 -does a dance.
  • when binding emotes or commands to keys make sure to leave the / out. ex. bind x "super" and not bind x "/super"