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08/03/2002 Update!

EA Games has annouced that it will release an expansion pack for Medal of Honor. The pack will include new missions and 15 new Multi-player maps. One mission will have the player involved in an air drop over Normandy on the morning of June 6, 1944. Check out the full story at the link above.


For those of you who are members the Members only page has been updated! Have fun with the new Binds and Taunts listed there.

08/02/2002 posted by Nosaj

Version 3.0 of JediMod++ - (THIS IS NOT REGULAR JEDIMOD. THIS IS ENHANCED) tested today. Enchanced is an understatement. You can use 2 Sabers at once, a Hilt pack , customize your Saber colors, a dual saber , new stances and more. Bots are also able to use these features. I tested it with the Desann bot and he carried a red DualBlade. To use this Mod unzip it in your Base folder. This Mod contains 3 pk. files. Then remove any previous Jedi Enhancer's you may have added. Now run the game in Multi-player. The first thing you will notice is a new option under setup called TCK Saber Mod. If you turn this on you can choose any color of the spectrum for your saber. Now start a game. In your player setup you will notice you can now choose a saber along with your skin and saber color. Under Controls Tab under the heading Other you will see the options to asign keys to Two Sabers and Dualsaber. Once you join the server you can also bring down your console ( ~ + shift ). Here type bind u twosaber. Hit enter. Then type bind i dualsaber. Hit enter and exit console. Now when you are back into the game reduce your saber by pressing 1. After it is reduced press u or i. This will either bring up a Dual Saber, or a Saber in each hand depending on what you chose. To change again just reduce the saber and pick a different option or pick the same option twice to go back to a normal single blade. You can download this Mod off the site. The Jedi Outcast link on this page will lead you there.