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Dungeon Siege

Platform: Windows
Content 8
Game Type: RPG
Story Line 6
Developer: Gas Powered Games
Graphics 9
Publisher: Microsoft
Sound 7
Release Date: In Stores Now
Game Play 8
Total Rating 8

System Requirements: Windows XP/2000/me/98 - 128 MB RAM
333 mhz ( we recommend a 800)
8 MB 3D video card ( we recommend a 32 MB card)
Direct X 8.0 compatible sound card
56 kbs modem for 1-4 players, broadband for 5+ (we recommend broadband across the board, it's just better!)

Can I just say that I bought my current computer just so I could play Diablo 2. Ever since I completed that game, there has been an emptiness within me that needed something to fill it. After the Disappointment of a few games (such as the newest version of Pool Of Radiance) I thought that I would be lost forever. But happily, along came Dungeon Siege. After playing through a good deal of both the single and Multi-player mode I can say that it is a really good contender as the new RPG Hack and Slash King.

When I say Hack and Slash, I do mean that. The story line is really the only draw back. There isn't much of one. In either mode. You basically keep going through the game until you get to the bottom of things. There isn't any big clues to find, not allot of NPC's to ask questions, long lists of questions that you can ask. Story wise, this is a good beginner game for someone interested in the genre but didn't want to take the time to play the real in-depth titles. But what this game lacks in story, it more then makes up for in game play! The Graphics engine is superb! You can zoom into roughly a third person view of your character or you can zoom out to view related to gauntlet! The detail is really great! Now this is where the camera controls come into play. The camera is very easy to use. Just pull your pointer over to the side of the screen and it spins the camera around as much as you want it. Go to the top of the screen and you can move the camera from the behind or front view to the looking down view. Every time you click on one of your party members the camera focuses immediately on that member.

The game controls are really simple to use, very similar to Diablo. You have two main consoles to work with plus a compass and a few other basic icons on the bottom of your screen. The first console is your party controls. You can pick from several formations and you can turn your follow mode on or off, dismiss members, etc. You can order you members to attack aggressively, defensively or not at all. You can also tell your whole part to go out and pick up the loot. This is a cool feature because you will be picking up allot of neat stuff that you can probably use to dice up some badies later on in the game. The other console is just your party's inventory, stats, and such. Basic and simple to use. Any Diablo or Baldur's Gate Vet can use it with confidence. The cool thing is you can purchase a donkey to help carry your battle prizes. But still this may not supply you with enough room.

The game play is very good in my opinion. You start out as a farm boy or girl and steadily progress. You can end up as a fighter, archer, war mage or nature mage(druid like). This is determined by what you like to use. Sword, bow, fireballs, or summoning creatures. There are no skills to put points into, no specialties to get trapped into if you don't choose to. Whatever you want to do. Sure, I miss the special attacks like my Barbarian leap attack, but believe me, this game is a time sucker and you will enjoy every minute. When you just want to play through to this point, it can't be much farther you say...then three hours later you finally get there, you'll see what I mean. Don't get me wrong, you can save the game at any point....but you won't want to!! You can specialize in multiple styles. But really only in the multiplayer mode. You can power up faster with one character then with a party of seven plus a donkey. There is a pause option that you can use to plan out your next moves. This can be turned of for multi-play by the host. This is more useful in the single player then in the multiplayer.

There are allot of promising mods being worked on out there. Some seem to have a better story going then the original game. When these become available we will review them and let you know if they are worth the download time.

I recommend this game whole heartedly. Hopefully the mods out there will bring the doubters into the fold. I am depending on you guys. Make this a classic.

For now, over and out.
Draco Ress

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