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Platform: Windows
Content 7
Game Type: Strategy
Story Line 8
Developer: The Creative Assembly
Graphics 9
Publisher: Activision
Sound 9
Release Date: In Stores Now
Game Play 10
Total Rating 9.5

Windows 95/98/ME with Direct X8,
Pentium II 400 MHz,
3D Graphics Accelerator Card (8MB VRAM),
64 MB RAM,
Direct X Certified Soundcard

Red Faction starts you off as a miner named Parker, who joins the Red Faction Alliance. He and the rest of his miner friends must fight against Capek, the leader of Ultor, who has the antidote for the plague that is slowly creeping through Mars. In this Single Player game you can also drive a submarine, a space ship and a Hummer. This game is truly one of many shooter games out there that is number one on my list. There is so much to do on this game when it comes to MultiPlaying. There are many weapons, characters and maps to choose from for DeathMatch and Capture the Flag and now you can add more maps to your list by going to and choose from over 300 maps and different mods. The options on this game are endless and I would strongly recommend this game to anyone who enjoys shoot'em up games.

Vicious Dogg

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