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Look at the mug on this guy. Him and his buddies will be coming to a PC near you. When you ask? Well, it could be awhile. Latest news says late 2003. But don't hold your breath. Meanwhile the boys at id have given us some tasty screen shots to feast on. Also P.R.U. will be hosting it's own Doom III page to keep you up on things. Check out the screen shots listed there to keep you going till this one hits the shelves. More...


For the past couple of weeks we have been putting the newest installment to the Total War series to the test. Medieval Total War is everything the title suggests. The game takes place during the dark time of the 11th and 12th centuries. Here you can choose from 12 different empires to control in 3 different starting points. So it has plently of replay value. It is packed full of different types of units. Archers, swordsmen, Heavy Knights, spys, diplomats, princes & medieval cannons to name just a few. The battles can be played in real time or fast play (letting the AI do the fighting for you). But the real play is the real time battles. Here you can use real tatics to defeat your enemies with up to 10,000 units on the map at once. Sounds good, huh. Well, the only down side is the demand it makes on your system. We tested it on an 800mhz PIII system. The graphics looked good till our army moved. Then the computer bogged down to a jerky crawl. The other system we used was a 1700mhz PIV. Here it ran wonderful. Hopefully the patch that is soon to come out will fix the problems for the low end systems.


Joining a long list of Jediknight II fan sites is one more that I think needs a look at. Jedi Outcast Maps compiles hundreds of maps for your favorite Stars Wars game. FFA, CTF, CTY, TFFA, Jedimaster, Duel & Holocron maps are available for download.

09/02/2002 - Unreal Tournament 2003

Well it has been one month and this site is still growing. Thanks to everyone that added to this site, and thanks to all of you who have visited us.

Now on to the important stuff. In one months time we will be witnessed to the next chapter in the Unreal saga. Unreal Tournament 2003 will hit shelves October 1st. Be sure to get your copy because this one looks hot.

Though the system requirements look to be high. (733 mhz recommended) With game features like Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Domination 2.0 and Bombing Run. I think we will get our pennies worth out of this one.


Two new pages have been added for your enjoyment. Are you at your wits end with your new game? Go to our TECH HELP section.

Also, if you have breaking news about your favorite game let us know. Go to "Submit your News" and spill the beans.

08/27/2002 New Comic Book!

The Gods of Arr-Kelaanby Chuck Rowles is now available! Amazing story and art work in comic book form is now available for your reading enjoyment. The Gods of Arr-Kelaan is a story of a group of people who find themselves on the mysterious and magical planet Arr-Kelaan with the powers and responsibilities of the gods. Six issues are available with more coming, so check it out!

08/22/2002 - Message Board

PruKlan Forum is now up and running. Become a registered member and leave a post, ask a question or start or enter in a poll.


Well after spending some time wandering around I think I might have seen all there is to see on this new map. Then again maybe not. Saying Jabbas Palace is a big map is an understatement. The 17.5 MB map from LDJ is the biggest and most detailed map I have played so far for Jediknight II. Download this one for a long weekend of exploring.

08/11/2002 - Iron Storm

What if World War I still raged on? What if it was 1964 and all you ever knew were days filled with trench warfare. Well this October you can get just that. Iron Storm promises to put you in the role of one such soldier. Can't wait to get the Demo for this one.


The Pru Klan forum in up and running. Post an article and let us know what you think.

08/10/2002 Posted By: Vicious Dogg

Ultimate Star Wars Website. Gentlement and Lady, Here is the Ultimate Site I've found. Go to and you will be like a kid in the candy store. There is too much to list about this site but here are some examples of what you'll find. Maps (Jabba's Palace), Star War Skins ( Han Solo, Leia, Stone Desann, The Jackal), Celeberity Skins (Mr. T, Superman, Matrix Agent, Scream Character, Wonder Woman), Sabers (Crystal, Ice, Satan--wicked looking, Spiderman) Other Skins (Bloodlust, Barry the Giant Ewok, Black Wolf,Baby Satan, Dark Jar Jar, Death, Diablo Jedi, EnergyTrooper--nice, Invisible Man--Excellent, Naked Tavion, Sexy Bizarre Tavion, Skeleton, The Cow--funny) and Models ...they're skins also ( Darth Vader, Jar Jar, Wookie)

Are you ready? Click here to go!

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